Payment Errors

Payment Errors Reasons and Solutions

Payment Errors:

Warning: No Payment options are available. Please contact us for assistance!


1. Minimum checkout  is INR 100/- for orders placed in India.

2. Minimum checkout  is INR 500/- for International orders.

3. Currency you select for purchase should be the currency of the country in your billing address.

4. E-Wallet zeroing error.


1 & 2. If you need to purchase for amount less than above mentioned limit, you have the option to put the above minimum amount in your E-Wallet / Gift Voucher provided and place orders.

3. Change your currency according to billing address.

4. To avoid this error please enter exact decimal values as shown in 'E-wallet credit to use (Max)' or 'Use E-Wallet Credit | Max'.

For further assistance contact us.